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March 30, 2008 -  We are still dreaming of the day when we can see this project get started but for now this work is still 'on hold' pending the strengthening of the congregation.


Dec 23, 2007 -  Our Annual Meeting/Visioning Retreat affirmed the church congregation's vision and commitment to seeing this Community Center Building up and functioning for the community.  It was the sense of the congregation that we will need to be stronger before we can proceed with the project. The matter will again be reviewed around April 2008.


July 1, 2007 -  The congregation has suffered critical people losses and will pause and regroup before continuing this project.


May 11, 2007 -  The soil map is now in our hands . . . now to find the application form (on my desk) and get it filed!  Thanks Lonnie Norrod, Soils Consultant.


April 4, 2007 -  The soil scientist began work today making the soil map that is required by the state for septic system location.



March 17, 2007 -  The brush clearing work is finally completed! What a difference. Many thanks to Tony Brown and Pokepatch Excavation.







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January 7, 2007 -  A weekend with fair conditions for bulldozer work! Site preparations are finally under way for the Community Center's septic system which needs to be approved by the state before we proceed with construction.  Once this site is cleared sufficiently, a state certified soil scientist will make a soil map and then design work can begin on the septic system.


















November 12, 2006 - A work session was held by the congregation this afternoon for a thorough review of the proposed floor-plans and opportunity for suggestions for adjustments. The plans will now be modified to accommodate the suggestions and when the final drawings are completed in a week or two, the congregation will be asked to approve the final plans  (click to see).





November 10, 2006 - An update is long overdue . . . for that I apologize. Construction is on hold as we wait for sufficient dry weather for a bulldozer to clear underbrush from an area behind the construction site which we hope will prove suitable for the septic system. The state soil specialist cannot perform needed tests and make the required map until the brush is clear and the bulldozer must have dry enough conditions so as not to disturb the soil and create erosion problems.  In the meantime, the 66 (or so) tri-axle dump-truck loads of fill are settling so that we will have a stable base on which to construct the building. Last minute adjustments are being made to the floor-plans so that a final plan can be submitted to the state with the septic system application.  




September, 2006 - Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on the site with Cumberland Co. Mayor Brock Hill and White Co. Mayor Herd Sullivan among others participating.






August 25, 2006 - grade work is now completed!  What a difference.






August 22, 2006 - Volunteer Malcolm Frazier has worked long days yesterday and today and has the SW corner of the building site close to final grade. More fill is due to be trucked in tomorrow.


August 19, 2006 - ADDITION:  amazing, but by mid morning the ground was workable. Volunteers 'Watson' and Malcolm Frazier operated the dozer to level the fill delivered yesterday and have begun to cut the grade.



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August 19, 2006 - Due to the deluge of rain (2 1/2 inches) that we got last night the site is too wet to work on today. The larger bulldozer (Kamtsu D3C) was brought to the site this morning and is waiting on things to dry out. The use of this dozer has been generously provided to the project by Green Brothers Construction of Crossville, TN.

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August 18, 2006 - Numerous loads of fill were added to the site today.


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August 17, 2006 - After countless hours of planning, preparation and persevering, the first evidence of building construction can be seen today as fill dirt and rock are finally starting to be hauled to the site. David Parks and Denny Ray Lewis supervised as volunteer truckers brought 22 truckloads of fill that had been donated to the project by Dennis Hinch and Claysville Quarries (of Claysville, TN about 8 miles from our site.) Danny Lewis' construction firm donated the use of a Dresser TD-7C dozer to level the fill delivered today in preparation for more trucks to dump tomorrow. The dozer was operated by volunteers David Parks and Malcolm Frazier. It is amazing how different the project feels with this first "real" signs of progress. But no matter how "real" today's work appears to be, it would not be if it were not for the 'behind the scenes' work that has already been accomplished (and continues.) At least 90% of that work has been done by the director, Trish Parks, and VISTA staff, Melanie Watson, Kat Reed and Vicki Matthews of Neighbors Together, a key partner with Neverfail Church in neighborhood ministries.




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last  picture:













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this (above) is from almost the same angle as the picture taken on November 10th.


3 pictures above showing septic system site preparation.



Area behind construction site awaiting clearing for septic system.






Malcolm Frazier and 'Watson' pose.

dozer at work

work begins on cutting high spots down to grade

2nd day's fill is leveled

this dozer will be used to cut our site grade

from NW corner showing 2nd day of hauling fill

taken from the SW corner 8/19

BIG truck!

1st load delivered Friday 8/18

site from the SW corner on Neverfail Rd. 8/17/06






site from the NW corner on Neverfail Rd 8/17/06







1st fill shown from the SE corner in the church parking lot

1st fill shown from the west side on Neverfail Rd.

Dresser TD-7C dozer made available to us today by Danny Lewis' construction company.