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New Disciple Lesson 8 My Significance . . . from What I do? or Who I am?

The history of God's work in your life is called a 'testimony.' That testimony belongs to God and not to you for it is His work in and through you, not your work for Him. That testimony has value. Value to God because it is His work, and value to you because you are the beneficiary of what He is doing. It also has value to others because it can be a teaching tool or an encouragement to them in their circumstances.

The value of anything is ultimately determined by what a buyer is willing to 'pay' for it or a seller is willing to 'take' for it. If you own something, it may be valuable to you, but if no one else wants it at any price, it has no public value. Or you could consider how much you would have to be offered before you would let someone else have it. On the other hand, if someone else owns something and you really want it, the value is determined by how much you are willing (and able) to pay for it.

Your true significance (value) is based on how much God paid for you. The purchase price He chose to pay for you was the life of His Son Jesus which was given up on the cross. You may struggle with a sense of worthlessness but God is convinced of your value as He has already purchased you (if you are a Christian, or has offered to purchase you if you are not.) So let us think for a moment about what God was looking at when He decided to make you a treasure that He was willing to give up the life of His Son for. Was it your good works? Was it your good looks? Was it your strength or skill set? Was it your wonderful personality or intellect? NO! For if it was any of those things, then God would only purchase, the good, the pretty, the strong,, the nice or the wise. But scripture says that the offer of redemption (purchase) is made to '. . . whosoever will believe . . .' So God has placed a value on you NOT based on what you do, or what you look like but simply on the basis of BEING His creation who has chosen to believe Him. It (again) is NOT what you do initially to please God, but the potential that He sees in you for Him to craft something of significance. And that is what He is doing with every Christian. Your life is not your own but it has been bought with a price (the blood of Jesus Christ.) His work in you is to transform you into the likeness of His Son. And He promises in His Word that He is able to bring to completion the good work that He has begun in you and anyone whom He purchases.

God is not transforming you into your dream or vision of the perfect human being, but according to His plans for you. God is not working to make you better so that you can do anything that your heart desires. He is transforming you so that you are fit and able to do anything that His heart desires.

So let's consider where those struggles about our worth, our 'self-image,' or our value (or lack thereof) come from. We struggle with three main sources of 'accusation'. In no particular order, they are: our own expectations, the expectations of others and the accusations from the demonic realm. If we do not know and truly embrace what I have just taught above about your true significance being established by God's assessment of your value, then it will be easy to fall into struggle with any or all of these three sources. If you assume a set of expectations (whether your own or someone else's) that you are striving to live up to in order to be 'worthy' or see your life as having value, you are likely to be continually disappointed and exceedingly frustrated. For one thing, judging our achievement against some artificial standard (artificial being anything other than God's standard for you) is extremely difficult and most often becomes arbitrary or capricious. But more importantly, God has not created you or a set of standards that are 'works' related to establish your VALUE. The demonic realm will continually drill you with accusations that you are worthless because you didn't (or because you can't) do this or that or something else.

So what about God's Law? Isn't that a set of standards that we must live up to? Many people will tell you 'yes.' I say that the Law is what God is going to accomplish in you as He crafts you into an obedient servant. I see the Law as God's Righteousness EXPLAINED and Jesus as God's Righteousness EXPRESSED. God's work in you is to craft you into a person, who like Jesus, is not only ABLE but also WILLING to live according to God's Law. Apart from God's transforming work within us, we will ALWAYS fall short of perfect obedience to the Law. BUT, because of His great love for us . . . AND because we are His Chosen Treasured Possessions . . . God WILL complete His good work within us.

The process of becoming Christlike (which is His work within us, not our work for Him) is PROOF that we have been redeemed; that we are not our own, but have been bought with a great price. Therefore, in God's sight, we are of great worth and in that truth we should find our sense of value and significance for being. Having embraced that knowledge, we can now more willingly and freely cooperate with God as He crafts us into the likeness of His Son . . . Jesus Christ.

Pastor Eliot.


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