FOR THE NEW CHRISTIAN or for the Christian who is wanting to return to an obedient walk with Christ.

If you are not yet a Christian but want to know what you must do to be saved. . . click here.

THIS SERIES IS NOT YET COMPLETED.  I hope that you will find what is available useful.

This format was originally developed for use as a weekly letter to new believers who were not able to 'plug in' to our church body. It provided a way for us to make a weekly contact and also provided some simple reference materials for the new Christian to consider.  The outline of this material is roughly inspired by  “Survival Kit” and “Living Your Christian Values.” It is presented here in my own format on-line for your reference and need not be spaced out in weekly doses. Our hope is that this material might give you some direction in developing your own personal understanding of spiritual things as you pray through these short lessons. Allow God to be your teacher and this material merely the excuse for you to ask Him about these issues.

Week 1 New Life

Week 2 Part of the Body

Week 3 Staying loyal to your master

Week 4 Three portions of salvation

Week 5 Knowing God’s Will

Week 6 New values

Week 7 Sharing your faith

Week 8 My source of significance.  Who I am? or what I do?

Week 9 Two views of wealth.   Controlled by man (profit/loss).   Controlled by God (stewardship or custody).

Week 10 Relationships.

Week 11 Conflict.     Inside me.   With someone else.   Because of convictions.   Over authority -vs- responsibility.  (not yet completed)

Week 12 Building Blocks.   (not yet completed)

Week 13 Challenge to grow.   (not yet completed)