C O M M U N I T Y     C H U R C H

serving portions of  Cumberland, Putnam, and White counties

on the Cumberland Plateau of eastern middle Tennessee 


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Community Garden A 1/4 acre plot has been set aside on our campus for a vegetable garden. This will provide benefit to the community in several ways. 1st will be as a demonstration plot to teach gardening skills to the interested young people (and older people who have not before had opportunity). 2nd will be to engage the community in working together for the common good. 3rd will be to provide food to those in need. 4th will be to provide opportunity to teach interested people safe home canning skills.  (click here to see garden page)

Interior modifications to storage trailer which needs shelving, lighting etc. for more efficient storage of drama props, costumes, etc. and items donated for distribution to needy neighbors.

Roof repair of a minor leak which is causing ceiling damage.

Outdoor concrete ramp/sidewalk with railings   from parking area to downstairs entrance of kitchen/fellowship room so that this area will have safe access other than the current full flight of stairs.

Expansion of worship space into what is now the garage/workshop and a re-designed entrance with ramp access.  Design work is in progress and will be posted soon (we hope). The project will include an addition to the building which will house new restrooms.

Expansion of Outdoor Stage Facilities to develop fair weather outdoor ministry presentations to present the gospel by many various methods in a 'Church Without Walls' venue to reach those who will not enter a conventional church building environment.  We envision a 3 level stage attached to the south face of our existing building, facing the natural amphitheater topography of our south lawn which could eventually be developed to seat several hundred people. (see diagram)

Medical Clinic Mission  Sept. 24th 2005 was a wonderful project with about 30 local people helped by the medical team and our storage trailer transformed and made much more useable. (Materials for the storage trailer project were provided through funds from the Tennessee Partners in Missions offering and the generous donation of construction team members of 1st Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN.) Details will be updated at some point!  (details) We are dreaming of the possibility of a multi-use building ("Our Healthy Community Center" click here to see construction chronicle) that is being built such that a clinic would be easy to conduct in it.

Development of outdoor walking track.  The 1st (of at least 2) 1/4 mile loops is being developed for a community walking track.  Flower gardens and other plantings will be added later in appropriate places along with benches for those who need to rest.  This is part of our 'healthy community' ministry. 

Completion of Volleyball Court (which will be playing a role in our expanding 'healthy community' ministries) still needs metal poles for the net completed and installed, fencing to be provided and installed at north end, prep and planting of grass seed around the facility, lighting for night use, seating for spectators, team benches, referee stand, score board, and water for drinking and washing sand off feet after play.  (details)

Community Canning Kitchen is a dream to build and equip a concrete block building for use as a community canning kitchen to teach home canning skills and provide a place of community and support for people to bring their produce and prepare it for safe storage for home use and sharing.  (floor plan idea) The Canning Kitchen facility concept is also part of our expanding 'healthy community' ministry.

Under-employment and a lack of appropriate employment is like a plague to many in our community.  We want to facilitate the development of suitable employment opportunities as possible.  Firewood Distribution Business is a dream to provide and manage facilities to provide flexible employment and a local buying point and retail sales location for firewood; purchasing suitable logs for cutting, splitting, aging, packaging and both retail and wholesale distribution of firewood for heating purposes, as well as making discounted or free firewood available for those in legitimate need. (click here for early development plan)

Starter Home. Roger Post (Monte Vista Baptist Church, Maryville and The Body of Christ in Alcoa) has done initial drawings and specs for a 'starter home' for those who need help getting out on their own. It is envisioned to be comprised of a large apartment for live in volunteer 'house parents' and three efficiency apartments for those who need some level of supervision in getting out on their own.  The idea is to provide a place for a teen moving out on their own; someone getting out of prison; a person needing to start over after personal crises; etc.  This dream is part of our long term vision but does not yet have any time table attached to it. We're grateful to Roger for the donation of his expertise and willingness to consult with us as the project develops.