C O M M U N I T Y     C H U R C H

serving eastern White and western Cumberland counties

on the Cumberland Plateau of eastern middle Tennessee


Volleyball Court

The volleyball court is one of the ways that we reach out to the community. It is available for use by anyone in the community at anytime.  It is actually being used more by the community than by the congregation.  This fits into our mission vision in a couple of ways. One is serving the community. Another is by providing a 'neutral' contact point for the individuals of the congregation to meet and relate with neighbors. (It is one of the 'front porches' to the Kingdom.) In addition, the volleyball court is a facility that promotes an active lifestyle and so fits in 'Our Healthy Community' ministries. (pictures below) We also have dreams to develop a children's playground and an outdoor basketball court.  We are currently in the process of developing the first of at least two 1/4 mile walking tracks.  


Construction of a sand lot, competition quality volleyball court was our major project in 2004.  While the court is not quite completed yet, it is now in regular use. Special thanks goes to Tony Brown of Poke Patch Excavation for his excellent and generous work with the bulldozer and Charlie and Stanley Brown of Snoopy Trucking for their very generous work with dump truck and back hoe hauling and spreading gravel and sand.


During the construction phase, we were frequently asked if we were building a new worship building.  Neighbors were always surprised to hear that we were building recreation facilities for the community to use.

Many times we were asked if we were going to play in church leagues.  We answered that we were more interested in playing teams from our neighborhoods than we were in competing with other churches.  We're hoping to get a good enough team together so that we can challenge the neighborhood bar! (Of course when the play on our turf . . . house rules.)  The facility also fits in well with our developing 'healthy community' good health ministries.


Below is what the court looks like now (May 2005).  We are getting grass established on the banks to control erosion. We also need to get permanent posts for the net in the sockets which have been installed in concrete.  A tall net is needed at the north end (behind photographer) to keep the balls from going down the steep bank at that end.  Eventually we'd like to add night lighting, referee tower and team benches with scoring tables.  Spectator  bleachers would be great too!


Below is the court in July 2007 with fresh sand added and the new net installed on the permanent poles. The drought has not helped our grass planted this past spring (but with the drought there has been little erosion !)  The orange net in the background stops about 95% of the wild balls from going down the VERY steep embankment.